Baby Gender DNA Test 

homeDNAdirect New Zealand is one of the first companies to offer a 95% accurate baby gender prediction test at 9 weeks of pregnancy. Besides its accuracy, our DNA test is unique because it uses only a blood sample from the pregnant mother.


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Cost, specifications and ordering

Why not find out if it’s a boy or girl today? All you have to do is collect a few blood drops by pricking the tip of your finger with the lancet that comes with the kit. Order your gender prediction test for only $380.  homeDNAdirect will send you a kit. You send us your samples and we will send you your results in just 8 working days. We can offer a 4 working day rush service at an additional cost if you wish to shorten the turnaround time.

The Science and analysis of your baby’s DNA

Science has made a huge leap forward in the ambit of baby gender testing and our partner laboratories have pioneered this highly advanced gender test. Using a system of DNA amplification and replication known as polymerase chain reaction, the laboratories carrying out your test can identify male specific Y chromosome genetic markers in the urine. If we locate these male genetic markers in the blood sample, we know that the fetus is a male. The absence of male genetic markers, denotes a female.

Laboratory trials and validation studies have in fact shown that this test is 95% accurate at confirming the gender of the fetus at 9 weeks of pregnancy.

Some important precautions

  • Make sure you are in your 9th week of pregnancy following the first day of your last menstrual period. This is not to be confused with weeks of gestation or pregnancy weeks from conception.
  • Make sure to use the special solution we supply, adding it to your blood sample. Send the sample to us as soon as possible. Keeping the sample for long could affect the DNA contained within it.

Contact us

homeDNAdirect has a customer care team specially trained to assist you with the most complex and technical DNA testing enquiries. Contact us for more information about your gender prediction test with maternal blood samples or Have homeDNAdirect call you.

Our gender test can be taken by any expectant mother from her 9th week onwards. We do not require that you fast before collecting your sample but there may be some instances when you may not be able to take this test; these cases are rare and include females who have had bone marrow transplants from a male donor, a blood transfusion within 18 months of taking the test as well as a recent miscarriage (unless miscarried fetus was female). If you are concerned about any of these, contact us.

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