A laboratory has to work very hard to achieve such accreditation and show the highest standards of technical competence and assurance of quality. Therefore, make sure that your service provider works through a DNA testing lab that is properly accredited.

Technical Support: Make sure that your DNA company has the experience to offer you the best technical support throughout the entire testing process. Our technical service staff at homeDNAdirect have over 5 years experience dealing with the general public on DNA testing and are backed by the proper scientific support. We understand that each case is different and deserves our undivided attention in directing you to the best testing options and methods through what can be a very difficult time.

Testing 21 Genetic Loci: Paternity and maternity tests are carried out on 21 genetic markers. Make sure the DNA testing company you select is offering you the highest quality form of testing and is not testing anything less than this standard. We offer you only premium DNA testing as we believe in offering the highest standard DNA testing backed by the quality of the laboratory’s accreditation status.

Private & Confidential: We guarantee that your all your personal information including the results will be private and confidential. We issue results via email or by postal mail in a plain unmarked envelope. Results over the phone will only be given after adequate security questions have been answered.

Affordable Testing: homeDNAdirect offers affordable testing. We are often asked how we can offer such affordable pricing. This is mainly because given the large number of samples processed from around the world, costs are reduced due to economies of scale. The laboratory has large processing capacity capabilities and this cost saving is therefore passed on to you by homeDNAdirect.

Optimized Laboratory Procedures: Optimized laboratory processes ensure the fastest and most accurate results possible without compromising quality. Please remember that the quickest test is not always the best, especially in a DNA test. We understand that clients may be anxious for results but we do not believe in jeopardising quality to meet faster turnaround times.

DNA Kit: Our home DNA kit will be shipped to you within 24 hours from the time of your order and is normally received within 2-4 business days depending on your location. It will arrive in a plain unmarked envelope for confidentiality to the address requested. Enclosed you will find full easy instructions and your DNA sample kit including a self addressed return envelope.

Accuracy: Stringent testing procedures ensures results are highly accurate. A measure of the quality of results is the conclusiveness of our DNA paternity test. Different laboratories have different standards for what they consider “conclusive results.” We will consider a paternity test conclusive only if we can achieve a 100% exclusion that the alleged Father is not the Father or with a inclusion in the region of 99.99%+ depending on whether the Mother is included or not in the DNA test.