Why is this prenatal paternity test your best option?

homeDNAdirect™’s innovative prenatal paternity test is considered as one of the most advanced test of its type on the market. The test is non-invasive meaning that it guarantees the safety of both the developing fetus and the mother. homeDNAdirect™ is offering you the chance to determine the identity of the biological father at only 10 weeks pregnancy or 8 weeks post conception (due to high abortion enquiries).

You and your unborn child’s well-being is priceless. Please note that invasive tests such as amniocentesis and Chorionic villus sampling carry certain risks such as miscarriage, leakage of the amniotic fluid or damage to the baby’s limbs. In addition, the medical costs of undergoing invasive sample collections can be very high and can take longer to organise and conclude.

Why take such risk? The non-invasive prenatal paternity test is your best option if you seek to confirm the paternity of your unborn child because it involves 0% risk! Below are some other reasons why you should choose our test.

  • Its accuracy level of 99.9% is unrivalled worldwide
  • It can be performed earlier in the pregnancy when compared to invasive tests such as amniocentesis
  • It does not require the assistance of an OB/GYN (obstetrician-gynaecologist) specialist
  • Since the test analyses cell-free fetal DNA found in the maternal blood, there is no risk of misdiagnosis or incorrect results due to previous pregnancies or miscarriages
  • It is 100% safe for both the mother and the baby

More details about the test

homeDNAdirect™’s non-invasive prenatal paternity test starts from just $1800 and standard test results are available within 10 to 15 working days (turnaround time starts from receipt of samples at the laboratory). The test is able to ensure the highest levels of accuracy possible thanks to its use of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology and an extensive analysis of 2,688 genetic markers. If the tested father is the biological father of the fetus, the test is able to confirm it with a probability of paternity of 99.9% or higher. If the tested father is not the biological father, the result will show a 0% probability of paternity. It is important to note that the test cannot be done before 10 weeks starting from your last menstrual cycle (8 weeks past conception). You can also use our pregnancy calculator to find out when your baby is due!

This DNA test cannot be performed in cases of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), twin or multiple pregnancies, less than 10 weeks pregnancy (8 weeks past conception) or when the alleged fathers are close blood relatives. The test also cannot be conducted when the mother is suffering from cancer or pre-eclampsia or has had a recent blood transfusion, bone marrow, organ transplant or stem cell therapy.

The sample collection process

homeDNAdirect™’s kit includes everything you need to collect your samples.

1x box containing:

– 1x consent form
– 1x sample collection instructions
– 1x courier collection instructions
– 1x terms & conditions
– 1x swab envelope
– 2x 2 swabs
– 2x absorbent pad
– 2x 10 ml blood collection tube
– 1x foam insert
– 1x biohazard bag
– 1x security seal
– 1x return courier pouch

Once you have received the kit, you simply need to set an appointment with a trained professional to collect the maternal blood sample (more than 7 ml in volume). The sample collection takes just a couple of minutes and you will have everything, including sterile tubes in which to collect the blood. Blood samples are required from the mother whilst a saliva sample is required from the alleged father. The father’s samples can be collected by the test participants themselves following the instructions provided in the kit. Once the samples are collected and consent forms filled in, you have a pre-paid courier service to return your samples. These will reach our laboratory in a couple of working days and once received, you will be notified of your due date.

Please organise to have the samples collected on the same day of collection and within a short period of time as they need to return to the laboratory within 5 days.

Frequently asked questions

Should both fathers be tested?

If the samples for both alleged fathers are available we strongly advise that you send them both. Please note that there is an additional fee for testing the second father. If the father lives in a different location, homeDNAdirect™ can also send out a separate kit for a small fee.

Can previous pregnancies or miscarriages affect the test results?

Fetal DNA is cleared from the maternal bloodstream within a period of a few hours. Because of this, there is no chance of misdiagnosis with this test. However, the results can be affected by other factors such as the gestational period, mutations in an individual’s DNA, contamination during sample collection, method of sample storage and transportation.

How soon should the samples be sent once collected?

The samples should be sent back as soon as possible after collection in order to minimise the delay in reaching the laboratory and potential degrading of the sample.

Are there any additional costs involved?

The only additional costs you may incur are if you choose to add any additional participants, kits or services to your order and the fee for the medical blood draw. Please read our terms and conditions for any other charges.