Why take a paternity DNA test?

DNA paternity testing is the most advanced and accurate method available for resolving parentage issues. Results of a home paternity test are 99.99% accurate if the tested man is the biological father. At homeDNAdirect we ensure to give clients the highest standards in testing, delivering a professional and efficient service at all times. The home paternity test can be done from the comfort of your own home through the DNA sample collection kit we provide.

Is a home paternity test good for me?

Our home paternity test result will provide you with a clear answer and resolve all your doubts. The test is however only for your peace of mind and results cannot be used for legal purposes. Samples for the peace of mind paternity test are collected by the clients themselves as shown in our online guide on how to collect your DNA samples. Because the DNA samples are unverified by a witness, the result cannot be used in court. Should you require your result for a legal matter please visit our legal paternity test page.

What does your test include?

homeDNAdirect offers a complete peace-of-mind paternity test for only $309– there are NO EXTRA FEES. The cost includes

  • The sample collection kit
  • The laboratory analysis
  • A comprehensive report outlining the result

The test can be carried out with the samples of the alleged father and child only, although inclusion of the mother’s sample when available is recommended. Results are available within 5-7 working days from the receipt of the samples at the laboratory.

Using alternative DNA samples

If you are unable to provide us with mouth swab samples, you can use alternative samples, including items such as hair and semen. These types of samples can also be used for a more discrete home paternity test or when one of the persons is not available to have their sample taken. A complete list of samples is available at our discreet sample list page.