Ordering and pricing

Once you have ordered your legal paternity test, we will dispatch your kit within 2 working days. The kit contains all the necessary for the test:

  • Submission forms
  • Instructions
  • Mouth swabs

The price of the legal paternity test is $695 the price does not include the sampler’s fee. The price will vary depending on the type of legal test and the number of individuals involved.

Results will be sent by email.

How accurate is a legal test?

The accuracy of the result of a legal DNA test is the same as that of a standard home paternity test, however a legal DNA test must adhere to a strict set of rules which are collectively referred to as a ‘chain of custody’. The chain of custody, explained in some more detail below, ensures the validity of the DNA test.

The chain of custody procedure

The sampler: The DNA samples in a legal DNA test are collected by a doctor or qualified nurse, referred to as the sampler. He or she is also responsible for placing the swabs in the designated envelopes and sending them back for testing. The sampler verifies the samples and makes sure that at no stage does the client come into contact or tamper with the DNA samples.

Identification of parties involved: All participants in the test must provide two passport-sized photos displaying a full face with no hair or hats covering any part of the face. The sampler will need to endorse the photos by doing the following:

  1. I [name of sampler] certify that this is the true likeness of [name of the person in the photo]
  2. Sampler’s signature
  3. Date

Identity must be provided for sampling by showing accepted identification which can include any of the following: Passport, Full Drivers License, Armed Forces ID card, Pass card issued by a Government Department or other photo ID. Certified copy of birth certificate for children tested.

Identification will further ensure the genuine identity of the people involved. Moreover, take a photocopy of your chosen identification and sign and date the back.

Legal DNA testing is done for both our relationship DNA testing and paternity DNA testing services. We will further advise you on your specific case.

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