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Napier is one of the main cities of the Hawke’s Bay region of New Zealand. It lies very near its neighbouring city of Hastings, leading them to be known as the ‘twin cities of New Zealand. Napier has a population of around 58,000 people, and has a seaport located on Hawke’s Bay, on the eastern coast of the North Island. Napier is known as being the centre for commerce in wool in the Southern Hemisphere, as well as being an important producer of fruit particularly apples, pears and grapes for exportation. Napier also attracts many tourists annually due to its high concentration of Art Deco buildings. As a result of an earthquake in 1931, most of Napier’s buildings were destroyed, and the city was rebuilt in the Art Deco style typical of that era, leading it to have one of the largest concentrations of Art Deco buildings in the world. Other tourist attractions in Napier include the The Hawke’s Bay Museum and Art Gallery, the National Aquarium and the Pania of the Reefe statue.

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