Over time many various baby gender predictor tests have been used to determine the sex of the baby. It was believed in the past that the sex of the child can be determined according to the fetal heart rate.

With the advancement of technology, this method is not used anymore and is highly questionable. It was thought that a heart rate below 140 beats per minute means you were expecting a boy and above 140 beats per minute means you were expecting a girl. Maybe it might be that there is a tendency towards this but really and truly is just boils down to chance, as there is not scientific evidence to back it up. Science has given us the possibility to determine the sex of the baby on the 9th week of pregnancy through a blood or urine DNA test or after the 16th week through a routine ultrasound procedure.

Non Invasive Baby Gender Prediction Test

Over the last few years, many different variations of the baby gender prediction test have come to exist. Some are actual DNA tests whilst others are done through hormone testing that claim to give you an instant result with a testing kit that can be purchased a pharmacy. The sex is indicated by a change of colour in the urine solution. Ultimately, the one and only baby gender prediction test that offers a 99% accuracy is the one done through a DNA test carried out in a testing laboratory.

What is the difference between baby gender testing done with urine and with blood?

The table below gives you a summary of the most evident differences between Urine based or blood based baby gender test. This information will allow you to make a more trustworthy choice keeping in mind that any urine based baby gender test can only be accurate if it is indeed a DNA test that is carried out in a laboratory.


Blood Based Test

Urine-based test

Non Laboratory Tested home tests

Sample Type used

Blood, finger prick, blood draw

50-100ml Urine Sample

Urine Sample


80%-95% accurate (as claimed)

99% accurate

Less then 80%

How long will my test take?

Can varie between 3-10 working days (incl. express option)

3-10 working days (incl. express option)

Few minutes at home result

When can I do the test?

9th week of pregnancy

9th week of pregnancy

10th week of pregnancy


As we can see that the ideal DNA baby gender test, that will offer the most accurate result is indeed the Urine Based test done in laboratory. The good news about this test is also that a sample can be collected in the comfort of your own home, by using the at home sample collection kit provided. A good quality DNA testing company will also offer you safe delivery of your sample by a reputable courier company already included in the price of test.

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