Michael Jackson’s body guard, Matt Fiddes, 31, wants a paternity test; he claims to be the father of the star’s youngest son- Prince Michael II, who is often called Blanket. The body guard is trying to go ahead with a paternity test in order to determine whether he really is the biological father of the boy.

The body guard Matt Fiddes is a martial arts expert. He plans taking a paternity test in the very near future. If the DNA paternity test shows that Fiddes is the biological father of blanket he will go on to try and get custody of the child. As the biological father, he would have a claim to this and the paternity test would be used as the necessary proof of relationship in court. Currently, it is the mother of Michael Jackson, Catherine, who is looking after Michael Jackson’s kids. However, she is now 80 and Fiddes says he would like to take over custody when Catherine can no longer look after the boy.

Fiddes claims that he donated sperm when Michael Jackson asked. This was supposedly because Jackson wanted to have a strong, athletic child and thus, Fiddes seemed the right person.

The paternity test will essentially compare the genetic markers on the DNA profiles of Fiddes and Prince Michael, 8 years of age, to determine whether there is a match between the profiles.

A paternity DNA test is considered to be the most accurate and reliable means of ascertaining paternity. DNA samples can easily be collected using a mouth swab or forensic analysis can be used when it is not possible to collect samples with a mouth swab; results are quick and often used in courts in such cases involving child custody, visitation disputes and such related issues.

The results of the case involving Michael Jackson’s son prince: DNA paternity test will be used to determine whether Prince is Fiddes’ child will be made known in the coming future.