In discreet DNA testing it is meant that test is done without the person tested knowing. By watching movies on TV and having a basic understanding of DNA, we all know at to certain point know that it’s possible to extract from a variety of samples. Even though they might make it seem on TV that it’s very simple there are certain things that need to be observed and taken into consideration, as it’s not always the case that certain samples produce viable DNA.

What is the discreet DNA testing mainly used for.

In many cases parents want to test the child that might already be of age to understand what is happening if an oral swab was taken. It might be a good to idea to proceed with this secret DNA test in order to make a decision how and when it a better to communicate it to the child. This type of test can still be carried out as a peace of mind home paternity test.

The truth about testing with hair.

As most often shown on TV there seems to be the most popular option. Many believe that out of the singular Heraclitus possible to extract the DNA profile that will then leads to send it to test results. It is important to know that this is not the case, the hair does not contain any viable DNA information that can lead to determining the paternity. In fact the only type of information contained in the hair is called the mitochondrial (mtDNA). This information only leads to determining the maternity. One can only find the DNA we’re looking in the actual root of the hair. One would be required to supplement piece 6 – 8 hairs with the roots attached, which have been freshly plucked.

So, which is the best discreet sample.

There are a variety of samples that the DNA testing company would accept. Highly accredited laboratories will guide you to the better sample to send. From previous experience they will be able to tell you which sample has previously worked with more success and which hasn’t. In many cases one of the easier and most successful sample that has consistently offered highly successful DNA extractions is a used tissue “Kleenex”. If anyone blows their nose in a tissue, it possible to extract DNA out of it. You should allow it to dry and place it in a paper envelope. There are other successful samples that also offer a quite a high success rate for example nail clippings, toothbrushes and earwax on a cotton bud (Q-tip).

Affordable paternity test can still be done

With the modern technology used today, such as computerized robotics, DNA testing can be considered to be more affordable. This technology also benefits eliminates the possibility of human error. It would normally be required for a discrete sample to be run through and more thorough system. There might be more than one attempt at DNA extraction before completing the required profile. That is why accredited DNA testing laboratories would charge an additional fee for type of test. But usually this is not very hefty and can still be considered to be affordable.