The cases of paternity fraud are several; people make all kinds of attempts to get out of having to pay child support or lump fathers who are not the biological fathers with child support payments. Paternity testing has helped solve countless cases of paternity fraud and many father know their paternity rights; however, there have been cases in which attempts to cheat in the test itself have happened.

Paternity Test Fraud

People can submit DNA samples of people who are not required to submit samples or make other desperate attempts to alter the results. Swapping samples will guarantee an exclusion of paternity as only the biological father can have the same DNA profile as the child. Paternity fraud is deception.

Moreover, in some countries paternity testing under such circumstances is heavily hampered by the law because it is not seen to be in the best interests of the children.

In many countries statistics are quite shocking regarding the number of children who are calling their non-biological fathers ‘daddy’ and their fathers who think they actually are the true father of these children.

Fraud is an attempt at getting unfair and undeserved gains- many mothers are doing this. If a paternity test reveals the truth it can exonerate a father from all payments towards the child and mother and moreover, the father could claim compensation. Yes there will be consequences for the child, non biological and perhaps the biological father too who may have to be found.

Paternity fraud is high on the legal agendas of most countries. Remember, it is a serious crime.