Today online genetic testing companies make DNA testing available to everyone- in a way that is quick, cheap and convenient. Genetic testing has generally been available through health care providers who order the tests at a laboratory collect samples and provide a result.

A new innovation

Home genetic testing or direct-to-consumer genetic testing has emerged as an innovation where the genetic tests are directly marketed through print media, television or the internet. In home genetic testing, DNA samples are collected by the people involved in the test- because at home sample collection has become so simple (oral swabs being the most widely used) there is no need to have samples collected by a medical professional.

For those wanting to purchase a genetic test, the kit is mailed to the customer and test samples are collected from home. The test results are directly conveyed to the customer through a mail or are posted on line. The results of a DNA test are clear and self-explanatory and rarely is there need to consult a specialist.

Positive outcome

A positive outcome of home genetic testing has emerged in the form of increased awareness among the general public about causes of various diseases and the solutions they can seek to address the problem. Genetic tests for genetic predisposition to illnesses and chromosomal abnormalities are far from uncommon and prenatal genetic tests have become routine in many countries to ensure the fetus has no hereditary illnesses or other genetic defects.

However, a cautious approach needs to be adopted while going for home genetic testing, especially if you plan making drastic changes to your lifestyle based upon the results you receive. You should seek consultation from a doctor.

Ensure that you are well aware of all the limitations and conditions put forward by the service provider before you enroll for a home genetic testing service. This will help you relish the real benefit of home genetic testing and lead a healthy life.