The results of an immigration DNA test

Whilst DNA testing is not mandatory in cases of immigration, the results can help in cases where the individuals do not have sufficient proof of their biological relationship to their alleged relatives.  The results of the test can ease things by providing INZ with proof of relationship between the sponsor and the applicant

You can use the results of the test to prove the genetic relationship between relatives. Immigration DNA testing is required when documentary evidence (such as birth or death certificates are unreliable). In some cases, DNA testing becomes the only means available to support your claims with the immigration authorities.

The DNA testing can be used to both for maternity or paternity testing purposes, as well as in cases of relationship testing where it is not possible to test directly the parents. Once you present us with your case we can advise you on the best testing option depending on who is available for testing. The test requires a certain protocol to be followed. The testing is normally performed at the embassies of the relative countries where the foreign parties are to be tested. homeDNAdirect can assist you locate the nearest embassy in the 16 most petitioned countries.

 Different cultures and immigration testing

The INZ recognizes that different cultures may have different concepts of what constitutes a relationship. In some cases, the relationship between individuals might be too distant to qualify them as blood relatives. In other cases the immigration test results will show that the individuals tested who thought they were related are actually not biological relatives.

The cost of the test starts from $795, however will depend on how many people need to be tested. Shipping charges may also need to be included in certain cases and depending on where the various parties are located. The applicants will need to pay for the test. If the relationship to be tested involves a sponsor and an applicant, and the sponsor has obtained residence in New Zealand under the Refugee Family Support Category, the costs will be met by INZ. Additionally, on a case-by-case basis, INZ may pay for the testing in situations where an applicant cannot afford the cost.

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