In June 2010, right after Cristiano Ronaldo’s team, Real Madrid, played in the World Cup against the Ivory Coast, the Portuguese player announced the birth of a son. The player did not reveal the name of the mother and claimed he wished to keep her name out of the media. However, recently, claims have arisen that the most expensive player in the entire history of football may have fathered the child with an American waitress from Los Angeles with which he had a one night stand. A paternity test confirmed she was carrying his baby.

Ronaldo has paid the mother of the child an estimated 10 million $ in order for her to allow him full guardianship of the child and says he wishes her to live a good life; he will not reveal the identity of his son’s mother until the boy has reached the age of 18. It is said that his chat up line was a rather dry, unromantic whisper to the Los Angeles waitress which ran as follows : “me, you, ****, ****”.

After Ronaldo left Los Angeles the waitress discovered he had left her pregnant. The football player consented to a paternity DNA test which did conclude that he in fact was the biological father of the child the waitress was carrying.

Originally, when news was out that Ronaldo had a son and the player refused to disclose the identity of the mother, rumours claimed it was in fact a child he had with a surrogate mother. Ronaldo still is unsure regarding the extent to which he should include the mother in child’s life; Ronaldo’s mother, Dolores, has strongly guided him regarding the choices to make. She has pushed for making sure the mother lives an affluent life style so that if ever the boy tries to seek out his biological mother he will find her well-looked after and living well.

Cristiano Ronaldo is said to have been extremely pleased with the result of the paternity test and has taken the child back to Portugal. Paternity testing is extremely accurate, scientific and reliable. Other celebrities who have done this test include LeBron James and Tiger Woods.

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