Chinese predictor of baby gender is one of the most commonly used gender forecast methods for mothers who believe in zodiac prophesies. It is believed that the lunar calendar guides its believers as to the gender of their baby, giving results that uphold the future. This practice was implemented 700 years ago and is still being used by expectant mums to date. The only difference in today’s modern world is the fact that it can be accessed electronically or via the internet. As with any other astrological practice, it is considered to give 100% accuracy. For more traditional practices, with the lunar calendar and astrology combined, it is considered as a useful tool in guiding expectant mums.

There is no stable proof that the Chinese predictor of baby gender is true. Just like the possibility of not achieving the perfect score in an exam, the attainment of accuracy is not proven. However, it should be noticed that numerous users still pursue trying the baby gender predictor, just as any individual who would like their fortune to be told.

If the accuracy is not proven, why is it still being used for baby gender predictions?

Here are some of the possible answers:

  • There is no harm in trying – for most cases, people tend to try out something as long as it does no harm.
  • For fun – the fun of receiving results that we want to hear or see does boost the morale of any pregnant women. This may psychologically aid women to persevere during the term of pregnancy. Carrying a child in the womb is not an easy task for any women. Pregnant women would have to endure pre-natal psychological adjustments through their pregnancy; this adjustment period can be stressful.
  • Destiny’s guide – some still practice astrological forecasts. The results of the predictions are used as a guide, which can include determining of proper names for the baby as well as certain traits the baby may possess after birth.

The most frustrating thing for an expectant mother is the long wait until their child is born. Wondering what gender the baby is, adds extra emotional anxiety for mothers, as in some cultures there is much pressure in carrying a male child. The Chinese predictor of baby gender helps keep excited mums calm. With the prediction results, it answers the big question for expectant mums and this may aid in lessening their anxiety. It gives them a chance to start picking out names or plan on buying the perfect things for their baby boy or girl.

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